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Appreciation Treat Package

散水茶 Farewell Treat

Mt Waves Appreciation Treat and Farewell Treat Package
Add a bit more ritual to your milk tea treat.


  • Flavours: 6 flavours available
  • Packaging: Additional gratitude message tags included
    The choice of the messages is open to your pick. If any special requests are needed, please check with our team by Inboxing our Facebook.
  • Minimal order quantity: 24 btls
  • Order cut-off date: Subjects to the actual order. For 24 btls, it is recommended to order 1 week in advanced. Please check with our team for customization requests. Final flavour available will be subject to actual stock situation.
  • Delivery: Delivery to one ground location for each order. Please contact us for remote area delivery. Deliver date and time to be confirmed upon order confirmation.

PACKAGED Price:$860/ 24 blts up , for bulk purchase order discounts, please contact us for more details
Delivery to one ground location for each order. Please contact us for remote area delivery.


Mt Waves Bottled Craft Milk Tea

Contest Blend 比賽併配Traditional 淳厚傳統現代香滑 Modern
Cha-jau 山浪茶走Aroi Thai Twist 亞萊泰漩CIAO Yuen Yeung 再見鴛鴦

  • Award-winning craft HK-style milk tea
  • Freshly made in Hong Kong every week
  • 0-preservatives

6 flavours available: Contest Blend, Traditional, Modern, Cha-jau, and Aroi Thai Twist,Ciao Yuen Yeung

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Notes on Storage and Drinking

  • Storage at 0-4°C.
  • As no additives is added, please shake well before use.
  • Let sit for 1 minute in room temperature before your enjoyment.
  • Product expiry is 24 days since production day (displayed on the bottle). Free Replacement of problematic goods guaranteed upon collection.
  • Should return of our cleaned boxes or bottles be needed, please do let us know upon order confirmation. Thank you for supporting our sustainability initiatives with clean recycling

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