Recycle with Mt Waves

Upcycling of Glass Bottle

We would recommend for you to also try up-cycling and reusing Mt Waves’ beautiful bottles as sauce, vinegar or tea utensils, or for planting plants while many of us are spending more time at home. Should glass bottle recycling be needed, please check out the recycling programs in your neighbourhood, such as community recycling bins and Gov's Green Community "6". Always clean your bottle before recycling!

Mt Waves supports sustainability through recycling, reusing and up-cycling. We allocate part of our operating resources to initiate a recycling programme. The Mt Waves team actively communicated with and promoted to our merchants and customers, established logistics flow, carefully selected and monitored recycling partners, etc.

Clean bottle recycling is the first step to everything!

As the first step of clean recycling, the Mt Waves team must stress the importance of  cleaning glass bottles prior to any recycling. Everyone's effort counts! The Mt Waves team and our merchants will also ensure that recycled glass bottles will not be contaminated in the collection process which can mean that the recycled bottles could end up in landfill.

Where are the Mt Wave bottles going?

Although the cleaning and disinfection inspection procedures for recycled bottles are complicated and labor-intensive, we would still try our best to reuse as far as we can. As for the rest of the bottles, some of them will support zero-waste stores as ready-to-use containers, others will be collected by recycling service partners and turned into glass sand. We have regular monitoring to make sure that our bottles don’t just go to landfills.
Of course, Mt Waves also encourages customers to keep the bottles and up-cycling for their own use, which can be handy and beautiful daily utensils or vases.

Thank you again for your support. I hope that the above information can help you understand the Mt Waves sustainability initiatives.


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Thanks again for caring for the environment, and supporting our clean recycling!

Recycle spots: 
Online: Goodlife supports clean Mt Waves bottle recycling upon delivery
Offline: Please support Mt Waves sales outlets marked with ♻️ !