Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Can your glass bottles be recycled?

We have established recycling service for glass bottles at most of Mt Waves' sales outlets.
***Except for Abouthai, City'super, AEON, Yata & 豐衣肉食 for the time being due to the epidemic situation**
Do be reminded to clean the glass bottles before recycling!
> Recycle with Mt Waves

Where can I buy your bottles?

In addition to being listed on the high-quality online shopping platform Good Life, Mt Waves is also available for in more than 30 local independent stores around town.
For details, please see our Bottle Locator map.

How long is the shelf life?

Mt Waves products has no additives added, please keep it at 0-4C once received.
Product expiry date is 21 days from the manufacturing date (Details please see label on bottle).

How to drink?

Mt Waves' 5 bottle milk tea formulas are specially designed as cold drinks.
Since no additives is added, always shake well before use.
Put it at room temperature for 1 minute for best enjoyment.

Can the tea be reheated with hot water?

DO NOT put the glass bottle into hot water bath directly! If the temperature is higher than 40℃, explosion of the glass bottle could be resulted.

So how do I drink it warm if I really wish to?

Click here to view the magic of cold milk tea hot drink.