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得獎手藝 · 每周香港新鮮製造· 無添加防腐劑

Mt Waves Tasting Giftbox (Free Delivery)

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Looking for gift ideas for your loved ones? Something that's Hong Kong signature, and great for your foodie buddies maybe? Mt Waves's offering our Mt Waves Tasting Giftbox :)

A HK-signature and tasty gift that brings refreshment and energy!

  • All 6 flavours' Mt Waves Craft Milk Tea included
  • Insta-worthy Giftbox design
  • Giftbox size: 39.5x21x6.5cm
  • Includes 1 time delivery to 1 location
  • Delivers on Mondays to Saturdays. 2day delivery guaranteed (except for Sundays/ public holidays)
  • Product expiry is 24 days since production day (displayed on the bottle). Free Replacement of problematic goods guaranteed upon collection. Storage at 0-4°C.

Award-winning craft HK-style milk tea. Freshly made in Hong Kong every week. 0-preservatives

    Logistics arrangements

    • Cold chain delivery usually arrives in 2 days (Monday to Saturday, 11 am-6pm
    • No delivery coverage outside of Hong Kong area and in remote areas.
    • We would recommend making order and delivery arrangements ahead before major season festivals.
    • Our logistics team will contact the recipient prior to arrival。