About Mt Waves

mt waves brand story

We are a bunch of young professional Hongkongers who have a crave for great milk tea taste, which is no longer easy to find in our everyday life. We are designated to make milk tea become a key for enjoyment of life.

Recognized at a major HK-style Milk Tea brew competition back in 2019, the co-founders of Mt Waves got even more determined to explore excellence in bringing the great taste to a wider audience. From a consistent delivery of the tea body texture in bulk production, to the preservation of the aroma and flavour. We do not want to compromise on tea taste and quality anymore, and we are here to bring great milk tea back to every milktea lover's table. 

Introducing Mt Waves Craft Milk Tea – Where award winning crafts meets our ever evolving milk tea sensation.

  • Craftsmanship
    • We pursue excellence in tea taste with our award-winning craft. Our weekly production also ensures freshness in our delivery.
  • Quality ingredients
    • We create our curated blend with 100% Imported Ceylon tea leaves and evaporated milk
  • 0-Preservatives
    • Mt Waves products has 0-preservatives added. We also developed a systematic QA process with regular laboratory testing to ensure product quality and food safety. 
  • Sustainability
    • Mt Waves believe in sustainability.
    • We initiated a recycling programme and keeps engaging our partners and consumers
    • We also believe in supporting those in difficult times to stand on their own feet.
  • Ever evolving on our taste
    • We are proud to bring about innovations! It's time for traditional culture to get rejuvenated.  
    • Mt Waves is powered by our scientific background and love of milk tea
    • The team of young professionals also injects modern business administration and risk management into the operation design
    • Seasonal new flavour offerings in the pipeline, stay tuned!

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Licensed Food Factory
License No. 2992807560
Address: 13B, Fou Wah Industrial Building, Pun Shan Street, Tsuen Wan