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混合口味 山浪手工港式奶茶 8支裝直送BOXSET

Richness Overloaded - Craft HK Style Milk Tea 8 btl Delivery Box Set

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Award-winning craft HK-style milk tea
Freshly made in Hong Kong every week

8-bottle boxset direct to home/ office
Richness-seekers, here you go our recommendatioins: Cha-jau,  Aroi Thai Twist, Ciao Yuen Yeung

  • Storage at 0-4 degree celsius. As no additives is added, please shake well before use. Let sit for 1 minute in room temperature before drinking.
  • Product expiry is 24 days since production day (displayed on the bottle). Free Replacement of problematic goods guaranteed upon collection.
  • 8-btl carton size: 29cm X 15cm 22.5cm(H)