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口味介紹 - 茶濃煉奶香、少甜,加上意式雪糕綿密幼滑質感,真正港式滋味!
意式雪糕GELATO 的美味魔法在於其特有的綿密幼滑質感! 打開杯蓋,用附在蓋頂的木羹"畢"一下杯中的GELATO就可看到細密的雪糕紋路,未放入口都興奮~
山浪茶走・ 手工港式奶茶 意式雪糕 Mt Waves Cha Jau - Craft HK Milk Tea Gelato
口味介紹 - 茶濃煉奶香、少甜,加上意式雪糕綿密幼滑質感,真正港式滋味!

Mt Waves Cha Jau - Craft HK Milk Tea Gelato 100mL Cup

Introducing our latest flavor - This gelato delivers a rich and authentic milk tea flavor balanced with just the right amount of sweetness. The texture is velvety smooth and perfect for those who appreciates the taste of authentic Hong Kong-style milk tea.

  • Made with our signature blend of tea leaves and high-altitude Ceylon tea leaves, this gelato delivers a rich milk tea flavor that is perfectly balanced with just the right amount of sweetness. Our in-house developed extraction technology ensures that the tea flavor is well-balanced while avoiding the bitterness. The addition of condensed milk gives the gelato an extra layer of flavor complexity.
  • Our gelato has a velvety smooth texture that's unique to Italian gelato. When you open the lid and use the wooden spoon attached to the lid to scoop the gelato, you can see the fine and dense texture of the gelato, which is already exciting before it reaches your mouth.
Grab your cup and experience the authentic taste of Hong Kong-style milk tea in gelato form! We value your opinion and would love to hear your feedback. Share your thoughts with us on social media using the hashtag #mtwavesGelato and tag us @mtwaves or simply inbox us:)

Available at: Exclusive first launch at 7-11 convenience stores in Hong Kong from 7June onwards.